The first breed of our kennel became Fila Brasileiro. Awesome strength and power of this dog are undeniable,  and mind and independence force to respect this breed.  We are the first, and still the only who have imported to our country Fila Brasileiro a rare black color.
In 2011 the year we first bring the Bracco Italiano dog in Belarus, and today we are the only one responsible for this breed.  Italian pointer opened us a world of hunting. And still we passionately keen on hunting with the Bracco Italiano.
Last year, for the first time in 2015 Belarus tested Bracco Italiano on Marsh game and got the diploma of III degree. This is a small victory for our one-year-old Droma.

Basset-Hound a dog with a lovely soul and a lively mind. It is adornment of our kennel.
We will always strive for new achievements and victories!